All of us occasionally wonder “What is the secret to good health in later life?”. The answer is ridiculously simple — walking. Doctors believe that walking is the best type of exercise for people, and especially seniors, who want to improve their health, fitness and well-being. This somewhat straightforward activity, that almost everyone can do, comes with many health benefits. Whether you choose a longer walking route to the store, walking or decide to take regular walks around your neighborhood, more walking will have a considerable impact on your overall health. 

Walking can:

  • Help build a stronger, healthier body — Walking is an excellent way for seniors to get fitter and build health and fitness in a safe, harmless way.
  • Help keep weight in check — Walking is one of the best ways to maintain weight or even lose some weight, while being much safer than running and other forms of exercise.
  • Help strengthen your bones and muscles — Studies suggest that walking for 30 minutes daily can prevent loss of bone mass, as well as reduce pain and the risk of hip fractures. 
  • Help improve overall flexibility, mobility and stability — Walking enhances your balance, coordination and stamina, and decreases your likelihood of falling. 
  • Help enhance cardiovascular health — Studies have shown that everyday walking can reduce blood pressure for some people with hypertension and even help boost your immune system.
  • Help improve attention and memory —  Staying active can increase processing speed and cognitive function while also reducing the risk of cognitive decline and dementia.

We were born to move and the more movement people do, the better! Especially when it has proven to be immensely beneficial to our health.