Medical Social Worker services are a vital component of the home health care program provided at Aurora Home Health. Our specialists focus on meeting the psychological and physical needs of our patients and their families. Maintaining and improving the functional, social and physical state of our patients are the top priorities for our medical social workers. Whenever you or any of family members need some kind of community resources, our team will provide you with all that you and your loved one deserve.

Here, at Aurora Home Health, we ensure that only the best medical social workers provide the best services for every client. The major services that are offered by our medical social workers include but are not limited to:

  • Long term planning
  • Community resources
  • Counseling services
  • Arrangement for meals and transportation
  • Facility placement assistance

While working with every patient, our medical social workers evaluate all social and emotional factors affecting an individual. We never know when a health issue can stress you or any member of your family. At times, health conditions cannot be treated by medical procedures. The support and help of another human may have a much better healing effect. This is part of the services provided by the Medical Social Workers at Aurora Home Health.