The restrictions of aging or illness can make it difficult for individuals to take care of themselves at home. Home health aide services can come to help while providing a client with the proper and reliable assistance delivered by well-trained professionals.

Home health aide services can improve the quality of your life through expert hands-on care. For many, qualified home health aides or caregivers become trusted friends who can always help with medical equipment, changing dressings or bandages, etc.

Here, at Aurora Home Health, we offer a range of Home Health Aide Services, like:

    • Personal Care. Our Home Health Aides are ready to provide individuals with any sort of assistance that a client cannot accomplish all by himself. This includes but is not restricted to meal preparation, shower assistance, transportation, toileting assistance, skin care. Safety supervision, wound care, etc.


    • Assistance with Therapy HEP. Providing patent assistance, support, and medication can help clients fight the virus and slow its ability to damage the liver.


  • Assistance with self-medication administration. Our skilled crew will also help a person take their own medicine. Our home health aides will take care of the pills intake, watch when a client runs out of the needed medicine, and guarantee that a client will be always provided with the necessary medication.