Osteomyelitis is a bone infection that is caused by bacteria. The bacteria can infect the bone where it has been injured. It can be also carried through the blood from another area in the body. Osteomyelitis can be a short- or long-term problem. In both cases, you need the proper assistance delivered by a qualified team. In both cases, the problem is treated with antibiotics.

You may get the needed medicine at Aurora Home Health. You will probably get treatment in the hospital at first. Our staff will choose the treatment based on the type of bacteria causing the infection, the bones affected, and how bad the infection is.

At Aurora Home Health, we provide all types of professional Osteomyelitis Nursing and Home Caregiving services. If you are looking for Osteomyelitis Nursing and Home Caregiving services in the DFW area, then you will find the qualified assistance at Aurora Home Health.