This post will discuss the most commonly neglected senior health problems that routinely sabotage healthy aging. Most of these issues are commonly referred to as geriatric syndromes that affect aging patients’ health and quality of life. The issues that we will discuss in this article commonly happen to people in their 60s and 70s. In most cases, these issues affect seniors’ ability to socialize, stay physically active, and take proper care of themselves. So addressing these issues is one of the keys to providing for healthier aging.


Falls are very common in older adults. These may cause minor injuries or heavier traumas that restrict seniors’ activities. More substantial falls can cause such life-changing injuries as broken hips and head injuries, which are among the major reasons people might need to leave their homes for medical centers or require professional assistance from healthcare professionals. 

Memory concerns

The issue commonly causes anxiety for older adults and their families. Memory concerns may reflect substantial decreases in thinking abilities. Evaluation helps by uncovering treatable causes of decreased brain function, like medication side-effects, thyroid problems, etc. 

Urinary Incontinence

Having chronic difficulties controlling one’s bladder is one of older adults’ most commonly neglected problems. The issue affects both men and women and gets worse as people age. Urinary incontinence may have different underlying causes, like prostate enlargement in men. The problem is often embarrassing and can cause seniors to restrict their social and physical activities and often lead to depression.