Stroke is one of the leading causes of disabilities and mortality worldwide. According to the National Stroke Association, 85% of stroke victims survive. 75% among those who survive may have a negative effect from the stroke ranging from minor impairment to requiring skilled care.

Stroke is among the top leading causes of disability and reduced quality of life among older people, which requires special treatment and proper care delivered by professionally trained nurses. 

One of the major factors that directly impact how fast a person will recover after a stroke is how soon the first medical help will be provided. The sooner it happens, the faster your beloved person will recover and get back to normal life. Stroke victims may fully return to normality. However, no one-size-fits-all rule guarantees a complete recovery after the stroke, especially for elderly people. 

The recovery period initiates right after a person is hit by a stroke. As a rule, the first medical help should be delivered during the first day after the occurrence. If your loved one cannot move muscles and limbs, the rehabilitation specialists will provide the needed therapy. Speech therapy is also a critical element of effective post-stroke recovery. 

If your loved person is allowed to come back home after the occurrence, take care of providing them with the following assistance:

  • Help with physical therapy routines;
  • Lend a hand with such tasks as basic household chores, cooking, and daily grooming;
  • Rely on in-home care when you’re not able to provide supervision and assistance.