People who use catheters need to drink more fluid every day. As a rule, the amount of fluid depends on patients and their unique circumstances. Such people require careful attention to their personal hygiene. At Aurora Home Health, our staff provides proper care for people living with an intermittent or indwelling urinary catheter.

Our nursing staff provide proper attention to the health conditions and personal hygiene of every client. We deliver such skilled nursing services as insertion and sterile irrigation and replacement of catheters, care of a suprapubic catheter, etc. Where the catheter is necessitated by a permanent or temporary loss of bladder control, skilled nursing services that are provided at a frequency appropriate to the type of catheter in use would be considered reasonable and necessary.

Our staff provides individual care to every patient who requires catheter care services. At the same time, those clients who require more complicated services, like wound healing, can be also covered with the adequate documentation being also provided.