Even though anyone can fall, as a person ages, falls become more common and far more dangerous. With age the risk of falling rises, since their vision, sense of balance, and coordination are reduced, and muscles get weaker as well. All leading to a slower reaction when they lose their balance. Thousands of seniors fall at home every year. Falls can result in pain and injuries like bone fractures or head injuries, that influence the person’s everyday life. In more severe cases, falls can result in disability, loss of independence, or death. That’s why it is imperative to understand the risks of falls in order to reduce them.

There are a number of things you can do to reduce fall risks and prevent falls. But, sometimes, professional help is essential to ensure safe and independent living at home for seniors, while minimizing fall risks. Aurora Home Health has acquired years of expertise in enhancing living safety and independence at home for seniors. We put all our knowledge and experience in our fall prevention program. The fall prevention program by Aurora staff starts with a complete review of the person’s diseases and conditions, medications. We also assess the person’s mental well-being and nutritional status. This way professional caregivers can provide a comprehensive range of services in order to avoid high fall risk situations. Aurora staff can help with daily activities like meal preparation, light housekeeping, shopping, moving around, bathing and other things. If needed we can also provide skilled nursing, professional therapy services and help with medication management. Aurora Home Health offers professional services in Plano, near Dallas, and throughout the DFW area.