At Aurora Home Health, we provide management of patients’ medications that were prescribed by their physicians. We provide support the healing process for our patients in their homes, with the focus on the patient’s medication regimen.

Our licensed staff is trained to administer prescribed medicines as ordered by the physician while moving towards the goal of the patient achieving safe self-administration. The key goals of our Medication Management and Administration services include training for patients and caregivers to understand the medication administration as ordered. We also work to decrease drug interactions and adverse affects.

Medication Management and Administration services provided at Aurora Home Health include but are not limited to the following:

  • Social and community support for medication compliance;
  • Patient and patient’s family education on proper dosage, frequency and side effects;
  • Evaluating therapeutic response to medications;
  • Assess the effectiveness of pain management;
  • Coordination with patient’s physician;
  • Assess for duplicate medications;
  • Assist in developing medication schedule/process to enhance compliance;
  • Review medication regime;
  • Assess for drug interactions adherence.