At Aurora Home Health, we realize this can be really upsetting when you or your loved one is being diagnosed with dementia. Our professionally trained support assistants are always at hand providing all needed kinds of services when your patient is in the home environment.

It’s getting more difficult to sustain relationships with people suffering from dementia. We know this and work to maintain consistency while a client stays in familiar surroundings. Multiple researches have found there are a clear benefits of receiving dementia care at home. Our dedicated team provides every client with custom dementia care packages that let patients to continue living surrounded the things they love the most.

Our support assistants can help their clients with daily household tasks, including but not limited to preparing meals, cleaning, the usual errands, and help with medication. In order to build better relationships with people we are looking after, our staff will provide dementia care services for a couple of weeks. This lets them build better bond with the patients and provide better service and support.