Elderly people need special care and treatment when they stay at home. Still, seniors want to live independently and complete daily activities and tasks like they did ever before. As people age, they need more help while running daily tasks, and professional caregivers can assist with personal care services, which include bathing, grooming, toileting, mobility assistance, etc.

The experienced caregivers at Aurora Home Health are trained to provide elderly people with the personal care services ranging from stand-by assistance to full care based on the individual needs of every patient. 

The personal care services include such basic tasks as mobility assistance, incontinence and toileting care, preparing and serving meals. We also provide specialized care services to those people who are bedbound or experience memory issues or cognitive impairments. The Aurora Home Health staff also provides on-demand assistance with outings, social events, shopping trips, and other activities that help patients live a normal life and do the things they like without experiencing any inconveniences. 

Contact the Aurora Home Health staff to get a custom care plan for your loved ones. You will get the personal care plan based on the specific demands of a patient, including wellbeing, emotional health, and socialization services. 

If you or your family members need professional bathing and shower assistance in Plano, near Dallas and the DFW area, the Aurora Home Health staff is always ready to help. Call us at 866-934-7060 for consultation.