At Aurora Home Health, we provide in-home rehabilitation nursing services to provide a smooth transition to home and community. We offer in-home rehabilitative services delivered by in-home physical therapists trained according to the modern-day medical standards.

In-home rehabilitation follows most of joint replacement surgeries or health disorders caused by strokes. Such services are also essential for patients with arthritis, neuromuscular diseases, frequent falls, and general debilitation.

Our rehabilitation nursing specialists will assess your medical status, social situation, and functional abilities in your home or the community living setting. We provide in-home physical therapy, in-home occupational therapy, and in-home speech therapy. A client’s therapist completes a more specific medical assessment, with the focus on the patients’ functions.

We cooperate with the primary care physicians and specialist to advice our clients to use specific equipment to assist them in carrying out daily activities. This includes:

  • wound care-giving
  • speech therapy
  • skilled nursing
  • physical therapy
  • occupational therapy, etc.