No wounds are pleasant, especially when it comes to burn wounds. Our skin is the natural barrier that protects us against infection from the outer worlds. A severe wound can ruin that protection, putting your body at risk of more severe illnesses. Such wounds develop when heat, chemicals, electricity, or radiation damage the skin, are especially painful injuries. 

Whether it’s a superficial first-degree burn or an extreme third- or fourth-degree burn, proper burn wound care and rapid treatment are necessary to heal your skin and protect your body from dangerous complications. This is when professional burn wound care services delivered by Aurora Home Health will come in handy to you.

At Aurora Home Health, we have a team of experienced and professionally trained nurses who can take care of burn injuries. If you or your loved ones need help in Plano, or DFW area, the Aurora staff is always ready to help. Depending on the severity of the burn, the wound treatment services may range from the application of ointments for minor burns to debridement and skin grafts for severe burns. 

Regardless of the type or degree of your burn, proper wound care treatment is essential to achieving a full recovery. Thanks to innovative burn wound care services, you don’t need to wait months or years for your burn to heal or accept your vulnerability to infection finally. We provide every patient with a personal treatment plan. Need help? Just give us a call at 866-934-7060.