Often times home health care patients suffer from hard than heal wounds can result from surgery or at circulation disorders. People with disabilities and the ones suffering from chronic illnesses that keep them bed may also experience wounds caused by pressure on specific parts of bodies. In fact, more than one-third of home admissions services a wound-related. So, wound healing services have become on most essential needs in home care services.

Many people with diabetes and chronic illness have open wounds that difficult to heal at home. Delivering would healing services at home differs significantly for providing such services in hospital. In some cases, patients and caregivers are unable these change dressings on own. In some other cases, people do not have necessary tools and supplies to provide wound care at home. This is wound care services delivered by skilled nursing specialists come into the picture.

At Aurora Home Health, we provide such wound healing services as:

  • open wounds which are draining purulent or colored exudate;
  • wounds with a drain;
  • wounds that require irrigation;
  • recently cleared ulcers;
  • open wounds or widespread skin complications;
  • post-operative wounds with complications;
  • third-degree burns, and more.