Most older people have one or more chronic diseases that should be properly treated to avoid complications. 

What is a Chronic illness?

A chronic illness is a health condition that develops over time and lasts for more than three months. 

In-Home Chronic Condition Care in Plano, TX

In-Home Chronic Condition Care in Plano, TX

Some of the most common types of chronic illnesses include:

Most chronic diseases last for years and cannot be cured. Older people experiencing chronic illnesses require special treatment that can be delivered either at home or in medical institutions. Individuals should regularly treat chronic diseases with proper medical skills, knowledge, and experience. Relatives and beloved ones commonly lack knowledge and are too busy at work or running their daily routine. That’s why they often refer to healthcare professionals like Aurora Home Health to get the needed support and treatment. 

The experienced team at Aurora Home Health knows how to treat chronic diseases professionally, with the individual approach to every patient in Plano, TX. The medical plan varies from patient to patient, based on the history of illness, current health conditions, and other symptoms. Our staff will also provide you with recommendations like the best diet, exercise, medications, or surgery.